The Arbry® High Security Blankets comprise two outer layers of the Flame Retardant CS Trevira with Fire Retardant wadding engineered into its manufacture.
The wadding is needle punched in order to give strength to the blanket making it very difficult to roll into a noose. Additionally the wadding will provide warmth and comfort.

Does the Blanket look institutionalised?

Policy in Custodial and psychiatric circles is directed toward increasing ‘normalisation’ as far as possible for the detainees and patients. By creating a more humane environment in a hospital or prison for example the thinking is that individuals will respond positively to treatment and help.
If a person is at risk to himself he will need to be segregated and provided with a security blanket. As the blankets do not look institutional but more like a throw over they should not aggravate negative feelings whilst maintaining its role to protect.

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