Got a silkscreen on show in Nice 1st of July so If anyones down there on their timeshare check it out. 
exhibition's travelling around Europe and US next year


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old news


paris metro benches
convo pit install shots
computron 8000 - roast potatoes in 10 minutes pressure deep fryer. Scotland is Boss.
The druid fluids
Window sticker fix-up

`Dazzle' heygate
bottletop wall scotland
lightshow works
Ripped parking 
tarred and feathered scaff towers

IKB carpet/rugs
M. Nagy plexiglas mobile
Roth Desk and Kitchen
Sarsjevic fav. clothes worn whilst he or she worked.

Joshua Light Show
Seth Panter/Josh White

They ran a race against nothing and no-one won.

Seccession Vienna - suspended ceiling diffuser.
Hidden in an article about New York City's first million-
dollar parking space is the somewhat incredible fact
that, up in the apartment building this parking space
 will be attached to, "the shower water will be pumped
 full of vitamin C and aloe" for the building's
economically distinguished residents.

At either end of the long buildings were to be situated
 control booths, where technicians would command
 instruments to regulate the temperature, humidity,
and air pressure, as well as to waft salubrious scents
 and "rarefied condensed air" through the halls. Nor g
 "according to scientific facts" would transmit from the
 control center a range of sounds gauged to intensify
the process of slumber. The rustle of leaves, the
cooing of nightingales, or the soft murmur of waves
would instantly relax the most overwrought veteran of
 the metropolis. Should these fail, the mechanized
beds would then begin gently to rock until
consciousness was lost.