Degree Show installation view.
Opens Monday 22nd, 6pm - 9pm.
Daily onwards 10 - 6pm.


Memphis Milano - 'Carlton Cabinet' Ettore Sottsass 1981.
Amongst many things a reaction to constrained modernism, institutionalised styles, materials and techniques.  Sottsass' concept of aseptic materials - drawing influence and making reference to areas not yet consumed and dulled by 'culture'.
And humor. 




Really want to do some things like this going forward.  Still images and text - maybe work towards projecting them at the next Aslan or something.


Photos from the set-up for Aslan 2 Thursday 11th June 
(again at the London & Brighton). 
Used the lighting bars from the last night to backlight a sheet of tarpaulin.  
The idea was to recreate the gradient on the posters.  
Looking forward to having time to focus on the next Aslan in September, 
working over the summer to make it more of a visual experience.  
Other photos on the way.

Photos of the completed set-up functioning on the evening are on the way.  


A2 poster for tomorrow night. 

Friday 29th After the graphics hand-in. 
Hyde park with the Vivitar.

Big - Game.  Based in Lausanne - Euro design collective.. 
The mirror has been silkscreened with a graduated dots creating the illusion of the viewers reflection vanishing into the room.  

New Flyers! - Touch on the last minute side as they have only just gone out today!
Each one is hand written on the reverse and they are cut from single A1 sheets that have a gradual fade across them.
The fronts vary in tone but all are printed with the ASLAN logo in burgundy.-
Master Fade Tim Devas
Doctor Graphics Joel Stephens
Handwriting Simon Memel/Myself.
Also got some very nice A2 posters knocking about - solid fade, burgundy text.