Just a theory, The thumbs that are taken away could be related to suicide on hand guns that need to be cocked. The wife at the end could have made her husband swear an oath not to commit suicide and leave them behind and by this he removed his thumbs. You cant commit suicide with a rifle its to long and with a knife its harder and not a quick death. A hand gun to the head is a quick and painless death. The removal of thumbs takes away the luxury of an easy way out. Just a thought that came to my mind. Loved the book and the movie it got me through times when I went days without eating and lost my apartment and life gave me hope to never give up.

BS. I can cock my S&W .38 with my fingers, even my little fingers. I suspect frostbite was the cause of the loss of thumbs. Nuclear winters can get very cold, in theory.


There’s a strong digital nomad community in the town

All these people are location independent with portable businesses they can run from anywhere in the world with just a laptop – THAT is the future. Tarifa hosts a lot of digital nomads and has a popular coworking space (La Cocotera) open for everyone


Supermarkets may be temples of worship for the members of the congregation. For the anathemised, found wanting and banished by the Church of Consumers, they are the outposts of the enemy erected on the land of their exile. Those heavily guarded ramparts bar access to the goods which protect others from a similar fate: as George W. Bush would have to agree, they bar return (and for the youngsters who never yet sat on a pew, the access) to “normality”. Steel gratings and blinds, CCTV cameras, security guards at the entry and hidden inside only add to the atmosphere of a battlefield and on-going hostilities. Those armed and closely watched citadels of enemy-in-our-midst serve as a day in, day out reminder of the natives’ misery, low worth, humiliation. Defiant in their haughty and arrogant inaccessibility, they seem to shout: I dare you! But dare you what?

cheers padz