Spray-Booth Six Trill.
The wall bracket,  shown here at its lowest setting. 

This is the Surface I am in the process of finishing at the moment.  Its a long ellipse with a deep shaped pine sides.  It looks like a surfboard.  It is supposed to mount on the moveable wall bracket I designed last week.  Its the biggest surface I have tried to hand finish so far - so ill see how difficult it is to get an even finish.
Pulsar Zero 4000 - Sound-to light converter.  This is going to be linked into the light installation on the 7th. 


Flyers designed by Joel 'euroboy' Stephens.


The Aslan Institutue will open on the 7th of May, 10pm.  L&B, Asylum Road, Peckham.  Working autonomously the idea is to create a Sound/light/environment and experience - and act as a relaxed structure to host monthy variations on this.  Creative controll of the event is collective amongst the group and everything produced is produced as ASLAN Inst.  With no elements of control, people are free to do whatever they want.

Flyer Front

Flyer Reverse


This is the next paint finish. Hopefully will be complete by the middle of the week - This image is cropped from a photo of the sky.
Like this 
The work in the last post has a 'metal flake' finish - it's basically a custom-car style, very fine glitter in between the paint and the lacquer.  Its going to need special lighting to show the effect properly.


Drawing for Lighting System

Intended to function as a rough lighting rig, the upper section of the structure will be covered in various household light fixtures - Fluorescent strips, low/high wattage bulbs, spotlights and low power floodlights. 

It is part of a group work for ASLAN institute.  The work is split into 3 coponents: The structure, a modified Sound/light Converter and a sound source.  The lights will respond to the music played through the converter. 

ASLAN institute is at the London & Brighton, Asylum Rd, Peckham. SE15.  7th of May.
10pm - 4am. 

Drawing for wall structure 1

Exploded drawing for a structure to support an ellipse-shaped surface.  The structure will allow lateral movement and tilt, and is designed to be wall mounted.