A model 24m (78 feet) in height was initially built using plaster over a wooden frame. Completed in 1814, the model was protected by a guard named Levasseur who lived in one of the elephant's legs.  The construction work stopped in 1815 after the defeat of Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo.



26 September 2014
Kai Althoff, born 1966 in Cologne, currently lives and works in New York. For his first show with Michael Werner, Althoff will present a new body of work comprised mostly of paintings and drawings.

Having turned into a heavily opinionated and high-strung personality, which seems to brood with anger that unloads fast, Kai Althoff wishes to create an antidote to this state of mind, by work that aesthetically calms the soul and seeks to feed a notion of shelter in an elegance reflecting the utilization of art in the homes of people with good taste and intellectual brilliance in times long passed. As soon as this notion seems to be satisfied, he starts to wrangle equally with the content and comfort and ultimate value of such work, which if successful, results in a void that defies words and emotions to be expressed without causing nausea. He seems to wish his art to embody the hefty balance between spirituality and adornment. But spirituality and adornment are no enemies, - rather both are to discover their natural unification within the feeble attempt to make life bearable.


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The Labour Party talked of bringing a peaceful ‘cafĂ© culture’ to the UK when it introduced round-the-clock opening inbooze britain late 2005. But many towns and cities are now in fear by booze-fuelled thuggish behaviour with trouble ranges from fighting and drug dealing to pick pocketing and violent street robberies.