Give Me Convenience or Give Me Death


Expelliarmus  - can't stop me


I've got a black ski mask, but I don't ski
But I snowboard
dash an MC off-piste
If one of you try and violate me
You get a punch in the face with my front door key
Punch in the neck with my back door key
Box in the mouth with my X6 key

Box in the eye with the fob
I use to log into my HSBC

Talk about banks, kill em with Ps
Run up in your girl's house with two of my Gs
Get the money out, put the money in his mout
Then suffocate man with about two Gs
Suffocate man with about four Gs
Suffocate man, then I might just breeze

I'll bury man two foot shallow
Ain't got time to dig six feet deep

These MCs and rappers wanna chat 'bout their syllables
And their multis and their similes
And all that shit, then I come through with my ABC

Girls and man are like "Jme's deep"
Bare pictures when they see me on street

Old school rudeboy like Crazy T
All you man don't want it with me
I'm a bad rudeboy, badboy MC

Say my name, Jme
Nostradamus couldn't see me
Expelliarmus couldn't stop me
How could a man with a uni degree
Be bussing up mic and chatting his greaze?

Cause the music originated
And will always remain in the streets


I’m not going to limit what I say so I’ll please more people. My life is my life and things are going to happen and I’m going to document it and say how I feel. I don’t play a character, I’m just myself.’ He drops his head and looks at his feet in the pool. ‘I want to be a different type of pop star. I want to be a pop star who’s not Photoshopped, who’s straight-on human... Honesty is timeless, I’m just trying to make music that stands the test of time. So that, in 400 years, when a little kid who’s gay listens to In the Lonely Hour, or my next record, he will be inspired.’


My one regret with this project goes back to my lack of experience as an artist: I wish I had applied better contrasting colors to the tools and stowage on the tanks. Overall though I am pleased with the results. Hope you enjoyed reading this article.


“In Afghanistan in particular,” he says, “[the trucks are] incredibly well respected.” So well respected, in fact, that some enterprising fraudsters thought them worthy of ripping off. The imitations, Kilcullen says, had flooded the market, leaving disappointed fighters in their wake. But then “a shipment of high-quality [real] Hiluxes arrived, courtesy of the Canadian government,” he explains. “They had little Canadian flags on the back. Because they were the real deal, and because of how the Hilux is seen, over time, strangely, the Canadian flag has become a symbol of high quality across the country. Hence the tattoos.”

Mounted on stallions of steel, desert tribesmen fight on and on



“Outside Van” is located in Portland (USA), on the doorstep to Canada’s picturesque landscapes. The company with the suitable name specializes in converting Mercedes-Benz Sprinter models for outdoor usage. One true highlight from the Outside Van team is the Shadow Cruiser. A compact Mercedes-Benz Sprinter with two sliding doors designed for action-packed, spontaneous short trips into the great outdoors. Regardless of the type of sport: The Shadow Cruiser can easily load motorcycles, bicycles or even a trike. The folding flatbed is the perfect solution for those who want to spend the night in the Sprinter. And they can then make breakfast thanks to the integrated juice bar or the removable refrigerator. The perfect start to an action-packed day in the wilderness.