another poem by Miguel Piñero

Cocaine Nose -- Acid Face

Cocaine nose — cocaine nose
carefully takin' cocaine blows
make believe crucifix
cokedom spoon

Cocaine nose — cocaine nose
have you graduated to
cocaine holes . . .

jive sly bedford sty-buy yeah buy
coca y ácido
from Flaco an undercover agent for the
narcos . . .
has you under surveillance y has
been trailin' your mother's legs
since she started displayin' her
varicose veins stompin' thru this
sewage drink of coca y ácido . . .

cocaine nose — cocaine nose
carefully takin' cocaine blows
have your sons graduated to cocaine holes.

life con coca makes you a supersonic
idiotic chaotic psychotic neurotic spic
with a brain infested cocaine molested acid
mindddd . . . cocaine nose — cocaine nose
have you graduated to your cocaine holes

Acid face — acid face dreamin' livin'
laced up spaced out so-called state of grace
ácido—ácido with coca blows . . .

acid face not a trace
of intelligence-based
follow your chase the maze
of becomin' an acid face — an acid face

si la coca y ácido te ha volao el coco
y ahora you go loco buscando ácido . . .

god is amazed that you've become an acid

cocaine nose — cocaine —
acid face — acid face
cocaine nose — acid face
acid face — cocaine nose
have you graduated to your
acid coca holessssss . . .
By the end of the 1980s, many people were dying. Drugs took some. AIDS took others. And gentrification, which arrived on the coattails of art, was eating away at Loisaida and pushing its residents out. Mr. Wong’s art, which always feels lonely, became lonelier. In 1985 and 1986, he painted a remarkable series of life-size trompe l’oeil pictures of shuttered and padlocked storefronts, and called an exhibition of them “The Last Picture Show.”

The Book of Genesis According to St. Miguelito

Before the beginning
God created God
In the beginning
God created the ghettos & slums
and God saw this was good.
So God said,
"Let there be more ghettos & slums"
and there were more ghettos & slums.
But God saw this was plain
to decorate it
God created leadbase paint and then
God commanded the rivers of garbage & filth
to flow gracefully through the ghettos.
On the third day
because on the second day God was out of town
On the third day
God's nose was running
& his jones was coming down and God
in his all knowing wisdom
knew he was sick
he needed a fix
so God
created the backyards of the ghettos
& the alleys of the slums
in heroin & cocaine
with his divine wisdom & grace
God created hepatitis
who begat lockjaw
who begat malaria
who begat degradation
who begat
and God knew this was good
in fact God knew things couldn't git better
but he decided to try anyway
On the fourth day
God was riding around Harlem in a gypsy cab
when he created the people
and he created these beings in ethnic proportion
but he saw the people lonely & hungry
and from his eminent rectum
he created a companion for these people
and he called this companion
who begat racism
who begat exploitation
who begat male chauvinism
who begat machismo
who begat imperialism
who begat colonialism
who begat wall street
who begat foreign wars
and God knew
and God saw
and God felt this was extra good
and God said
On the fifth day
the people kneeled
the people prayed
the people begged
and this manifested itself in a petition
a letter to the editor
to know why? WHY? WHY? qué pasa babyyyyy?????
and God said,
"My fellow subjects
let me make one thing perfectly clear
by saying this about that:
NO . . .. . .. . ..COMMENT!"
but on the sixth day God spoke to the people
he said . . . "PEOPLE!!!
the ghettos & the slums
& all the other great things I've created
will have dominion over thee
and then
he commanded the ghettos & slums
and all the other great things he created
to multiply
and they multiplied
On the seventh day God was tired
so he called in sick
collected his overtime pay
a paid vacation included
But before God got on that t. w. a.
for the sunny beaches of Puerto Rico
He noticed his main man Satan
planting the learning trees of consciousness
around his ghetto edens
so God called a news conference
on a state of the heavens address
on a coast to coast national t. v. hook up
and God told the people
to be
and the people were cool
and the people kept cool
and the people are cool
and the people stay cool
and God said
Vaya . .…


And the sign says "long hair freaky people need not apply"
So I put my hair under my hat and I went in to ask him why
He said you look like a fine outstanding young man I think you'll do
So I took off my hat I said "Imagine that Huh Me working for you"

Signs Signs
Everywhere there's signs
Fucking up the scenery
Breaking my mind
Do this, don't do that
Can't you read the sign

And the sign says "Anybody caught trespassing will be shot on sight"
So I jumped the fence and I yelled at the house, Hey! What gives you the right
To put up a fence And keep me out Or to keep Mother Nature in
If God was here He'd tell it to your face Man You're some kind of sinner

Signs Signs
Everywhere there's signs
Fucking up the scenery
Breaking my mind
Do this, don't do that
Can't you read the sign

Oh Say now mister Can't you read
You got to have a shirt and tie to get a seat
You can't watch No You can't eat You ain't supposed to be here
And the sign says "You got to have a membership card to get inside" Huh
And the sign says "Everybody welcome Come in Kneel down and pray"
But then they passed around a plate at the end of it all

And I didn't have a penny to pay

So I got me a pen and paper And I made up my own little sign
I said Thank you Lord for thinking about me I'm alive and doing fine

Signs Signs
Everywhere there's signs
Fucking up the scenery
Breaking my mind
Do this, don't do that
Can't you read the sign

Signs Signs
Everywhere there's signs
Fucking up the scenery
Breaking my mind
Do this, don't do that
Can't you read the sign

I probably watch this once a year, sometimes more


made a composite handout for tramway show of the remaining bookelets from both exhibitions stapled together with everything but the dates and the texts removed.