Ruth Ewan


Famous character: The chief suspects in a robbery in Cannes are a gang known as the Pink Panthers

"We in Nis used to be fashionable. We copied Italian fashion and spent holidays in Spain," said a cafe owner who, fearing retribution, asked not to be named. "But once the wars started and the borders closed, we were lost to the outside world and all we could do was copy Belgrade. So we turned to turbo-folk music, guns and the chic of the criminal class."



Ribs will be ribs





A good sort of antipodean friend put me onto this must have been a good while back.



Artists come from a position of privilege where forays into low culture (subculture / bad art / humor / kitsch / cartoons) are regarded as progressive (subversive / destabilizing / refreshing / deskilling).
The artist, with a surplus of agency, does some public bloodletting in a show of health and humility.
We are the opposite, coming from below.
We are pretentious / bourgeois /  arriviste.
We take whatever agency we can get.
Why do we do this?
This question, being at the root of our practice, is answered in the work itself.
In the meantime, it might help to keep in mind:
  • Art continues to predict its end
  • Class is a transitional self-identity
  • Ideas of The Artist are always changing
  • Artists are required to accept projections of agency
  • Entertainment raises us
  • Fandom is a real sociocultural force 
  • Comics is to art as populism is to cartels
  • Design, like the algorithm, is subsuming aesthetic paradigms and remapping high/low in unpredictable ways



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Jesse Wine's mud kiln burning out.

About 10trillion times more interesting, progressive and prolific than that mug Basquiat ever was...

"The letter is armed to stop all the phony formations, lies, and tricknowlegies placed upon its structure." 

CEREBREMIC NEUTRON HARPOON (Thought Lance) holds complete thought processes to constructions and launches outline that can consturct any shape energy it wants to construct in any dimension of physical magnetics. Several remanipulators such as dimensional doors, dimension cracks. BOMBERISM: Construction flight base is on the cipher, which files in a spiral cipher. Included in the map and maps are conscious designs stars (misplaced dimensions) the actual firing of electromagnetic black lights (implosion) and bio-magnetic pyramids. Dimensional cracks: the travel of them will lead to other dimensions.

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