Big daddy Roth and The Beatnik Bandit


Ben Burgis's ass (a sculpture of a ladys bottom in case of confusion yeah.)





Elephants at the Woodmill.
Friday 11th Feb.

To coincide with the Collective Gallery's New Work Scotland Programme and his recent residency at Studio Voltaire, Swiss artist Nicolas Party assembles a group of Woodmill studio artists for a co-operative exhibition held in the Woodmill gallery

Calder's Circus


Marc Camille Chaimowicz

Rooms are autobiographies written by their inhabitants - they hint (in their bookshelves, in their laundry baskets, in their stained carpets) at how and why a particular life took on its particular form.


Vincent Fecteau

With their incongruous forms, unnerving color schemes and various other unsettling elements, Fecteau's meticulously made sculptures belie the many formal decisions made by the artist in completing each work. Working slowly, he produces a small number of sculptures every few years and very often, the deadlines imposed by exhibition schedules are the only way he is able to justify calling the works "finished." He has said of his working process, "I like to work on a group of pieces all at the same time, spending long periods just staring at things and trying to activate or access a feeling that somehow relates to what I'm trying to make. …When I'm open to things but not fixed on an objective is when I'm most likely to discover a connection that helps a piece feel more resolved."