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The animation Stuart Middleton , Worm , I saw, as I wrote above in the dark. Initially, it remains hard to understand how the story is structured. The text balloons that appear one after another on one of the images are bizarre sentences. But he can draw well, I think. I see a toilet bowl , and even a few things , and gradually understand the strange background of the texts will be the inside of the intestine. The work is funny and maybe I find it enjoyable that I do not quite understand . I look at the model where the blue light shines out , even a work of Middleton. Reassured , I stand up.
And the twenty-something artist Stuart Middleton also apparently didn’t have time to make trips to the toilet. So he just pissed into these bottles, and called it art.

sounds like a super cool grunge-y kinda guy. ...

i) Duplex Cling Mob

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26 August – 26 September
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"Open the so-called body and spread out all its surfaces: not only the skin with each of its folds, wrinkles, scars, with its great velvety planes, and contiguous to that, the scalp and its mane of hair, the tender pubic fur, nipples, nails, hard transparent skin under the heel, the light frills of the eyelid, set with lashes — but open and spread, expose the labia majora, so also the labia minora with their blue network bathed in mucus, dilate the diaphragm of the anal sphincter, longitudinally cut and flatten out the black conduit of the rectum, then the colon, then the caecum, now a ribbon with its surface all striated and polluted with shit; as though your dress-maker's scissors were opening the leg of an old pair of trousers, go on, expose the small intestine's alleged interior, the jejunum, the ileum, the duodenum …

… or else, at the other end, undo the mouth at its corners, pull out the tongue at its most distant roots and split it, spread out the bats' wings of the palate and its damp basements, open the trachea and make it the skeleton of a boat under construction; armed with scalpels and tweezers, dismantle and lay out the bundles and bodies of the encephalon; and then the whole network of veins and arteries, intact, on an immense mattress, and then the lymphatic network, and the fine bony pieces of the wrist, the ankle, take them apart and put them end to end with all the layers of nerve tissue which surround the aqueous humours and the cavernous body of the penis, and extract the great muscles, the great dorsal nets, spread them out like smooth sleeping dolphins" (Lyotard, Libidinal Economy, p.1).


"Unfortunately, making a movie about Sicoer ended in the worst possible way – he got caught by police, because of the movie.

When featured in some of the best selling polish newspapers, the people of Krakow put pressure on Polish politicians to catch the man behind the tags covering their city. The politicians made the issue one of the most important right now and gave the Krakow police extra power to make sure Sicoer got caught, and so he did. 
Even though being careful, making sure his face was not shown in the movie, not using the Internet at home for his Instagram and Tumblr etc – police managed to have Instagram give up Sicoers email address. Police started checking out all IP addresses where this email been used and noticed that he had logged in at a family members apartment in the city a few years ago. They put police outside the building, waiting for Sicoer to show up. He did and got arrested.
He’s now facing fines by thousands of Euros, not knowing exactly how much, since the case is still on. Polish press been calling Sicoer everything from “barbarian” and “pseudo graffiti writer” to “public enemy” and are considering making an even bigger example of him, by making a video about him getting caught, that will be shown on screens inside the tram trains in Krakow. 
I would like to take the opportunity to warn everyone on here, that are bombers themselves, to make sure you clean up your online communication about your illegal work. Instagram can give up your email addresses to have police search your home. I will myself make sure to step up security within the next few weeks. With this said, be careful when sending me or anyone else pictures of your tags and throw-ups."

After publishing a rant about 'idiots' - frantically hip, ignorant scenesters - Dan Ashcroft finds these same people embracing him as his idol and his nerves constantly tested by his biggest fan, moronic scene personality Nathan Barley.

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