Never satisfied, jackasses you want more
You talk about clickin your mouses in your borin houses
Put your money where your mouth is
Macintosh gossip don't pay my bills
Come out your cheap-ass pockets when I lay my skills
CD duplicators, underground masturbators
New fans activate, piss on the hatersssssss


we creatures of steel
were ordered to carry the fat ones,
running on tires,
were ordered to work in their factories.
Shaft on shaft,
for ages our flywheels
and driving belts tore you apart.
Shout, you motors!
A great joy is ours!
The fat ones are beaten.
From now on, we’re free!

Vladimir Mayakovsky 30


Reply by StopmoNick on November 5, 2014 at 4:49pm
I think Tony made the eyes the same way I do, from small white beads. They were about 4mm diameter since the idea was not to have large eyes but to stick with realistic proportions.  I usually have bigger heads and 7mm or 11mm eye beads.  You countersink the iris area around the hole in the bead, fill the hole and paint it black, and paint the iris around it.  Then you fill the hollow with a drop of clear 5 minute epoxy adhesive, so it stands up slightly, to create the corneal bulge.  Easy in the bigger sizes but very difficult in 4mm!