'I'm knackered, I'm knackered
I'm fucking back-packered
smack-thwackered at the end of the shelf of the rack
of the aisle at the store where you don't go back
but all the while I could see, I could see
the crack at the back of the blister pack.'

200 pound for a months worth of cool dudeness

theres no such thing as society, there are individual men and individual women and there are families.


The orchestral section was originally played on synthesizers, but as DJ Mushroom said, "The synth sounded too tacky, so we thought we may as well use real strings. The orchestra definitely changed the feeling of the song, making it heavier and deeper with more feeling. They were really good [but] it took them about five takes to do it because they were slightly behind the beat."[6] It was Dollar's idea to use a full orchestra, and he contacted British music producer Wil Malone who arranged and conducted the song's string section which was recorded in Abbey Road Studios, London.[7] However, as Mushroom later admitted, the group had not taken the cost of the orchestra into account when planning the budget for the recording of Blue Lines, and were forced to sell their car (a Mitsubishi Shogun) in order to pay for the strings.[6]




tricket's radio is older than me (and the freezer too apparently r.i.p)


Another time, there was a live hog in the pit. It hadn’t done anything wrong, wasn’t even running around the pit. It was just alive. I took a three-foot chunk of pipe—two-inch diameter pipe—and I literally beat that hog to death. Couldn’t have been a two-inch piece of solid bone left in its head. . . . It was like I started hitting the hog and I couldn’t stop. And when I finally did stop, I’d expended all this energy and frustration, and I’m thinking, what in God’s sweet name did I do? . . . People go into Morrell expecting respect and good working conditions. They come out with carpal tunnel, tendonitis, alcoholism, you name it, because they’re under incredible pressure and they’re expected to perform under intolerable conditions. Or they develop a sadistic sense of reality.