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Animatronic Silicone Thrashing Alligator
The Specs: A very realistic, believable, 8 feet-long puppet replica of an American Alligator for rent. It's got snapping jaws, thrashing head Up/Down and Side/Side movements, as well as thrashing Side/Side movements of its body and tail. Pneumatically operated for strong, violent movement; requires additional Compressor/Hose and Set Kit/Truck Rentals, 2-3 Puppeteers, 1 Supervisor, 2 Technicians.
We also have a static, non-moving replica of this for rent.


THE MOMENT MAY HAVE COME weeks ago, when the grand Paris fashion houses Givenchy and Dior decided to install two brash young London designers as their top couturiers. Or perhaps it came in September when Trafalgar House unveiled its plan to build the 92-story Millennium Tower in London's financial district on a site badly damaged by an IRA bomb in 1992. Or was it, less grandly, two weekends ago at the Ministry of Sound, when one of the London club's bouncers was frisking a striking Australian girl and turned up a batch of shiny foil-wrapped condoms?

i dont understand?
The story follows the life of a prototypical early 20th-century everyman after he enters a city. It is by turns comic and tragic: a sick woman cared for by the man loses her life; the man breaks wind at a group of businessmen; the man is rejected by a prostitute with whom he has fallen in love. He also takes trips to different locales around the world.[1] In the end, the man leaves the city for the woods, raises his arms in praise of nature, and dies. His spirit rises from him, stomps on the heart of his dead body, and waves to the reader as it sets off across the universe


"I’m just a lone wolf," says Jim Dine. Dinner is being prepared at his house in the Blue Mountain foothills of Walla Walla, Washington, which he shares with his wife, the photographer Diana Michener. Other guests include two printmakers, Ruth Lingen from New York and Julia D’Amaro from California, along with Jim’s assistant and wife, Jason and Crista Treffry. We sit down to a delicious meal of roast chicken, tomato and onion salad -- onions being Walla Walla’s most famous crop -- and Dine’s own Jerusalem artichoke puree.
There has appeared in New York recently a new, and still esoteric, genre of spectacle.