feel like my frustration with social media has expanded to include blogging, dont feel like blogging 

feel like hogging


 Just got this, and its brilliant! from the legendary Jon Sack




"A lot of that is due to Jon Sack‘s incredible art, which is particularly suited to bringing this world alive, capturing the good-natured human interaction quite well, but always establishing it as taking place in a cluttered world, particularly with his New York City scenes. He portrays it as an imposing city, which it is. It’s a place where newcomers walk among towering monoliths that make them feel insignificant, careening through crowds of strangers that make them feel lost, and within proximity of discarded humans and objects that make them feel scared for their own possibilities in this landscape."

from: https://www.comicsbeat.com/indie-view-windows-on-the-world-offers-a-view-of-americas-invisible-people/




my video was online here: https://www.kinosued.com/25-05-2020-stuart-middleton yesterday Thank you to Attilia Fattori Franchini http://attiliaff.com/

Thanks LL x

<3 cougars="" p="">love Cougars 
<3 cougars="" p="">

<3 cougars="" p="">accidentally wrote some code thats doing something weird 
<3 cougars="" p="">hack the mainframe

Spencer, Stanley; Fire Alight 1936

thanks MW

 life hack if youve got one of those modern cars that beeps if you havent got seatbelt on cheers benny


 cheers padz

Congratulations Bhanu!

 getting owned by Herb re: my emerging bropnytail sux :(


the real hair they always wanted


 Edie portrait of np

 Shrewd copter courtesy CK.
 antione corresponding from the the south east

 thanks rich (nice how its dry underneath like its been parked there a little while)

 rural advertising

thanks a.bx

rat hands version 2


gary 2, steven, admiral posey

SugaCurlz new album: Semi Wash'd Up (comin atcha from Porth Neigwl) out TBC

bakewell tart in a jiffybag cheers bist

the real calton tongs tailgating with a dragon soop and bucky and irn bru shitmix is so hardcore I got scared to take a photo and my thumb is shaking over the camera

i would have opted for the more catchy 'greet your child without guile

tally of days/weeks? scratched off on the wall of a cell( for female prisoners under observation)

both of your favourite curator-flavours at the same time: salty AND sour 

with a strong porky stench ideal for covering up halatosis and creating a distracting miasma useful for strongarming interns and streamlining cultural production

(suitable for vagueans)