omaha, 10th street bridge




Very proud to have provided the cover art for the reissue of my mate Bhanu Kapil's book Incubation: a space for monsters due out in April.


Dear Jess, Thanks for your patience.

Please see attached selection of images for tentative idea for a cover for Incubation

These are large scale (2m x 1m ish) pencil drawings made from photographs of food production line machinery in Omaha, Nebraska. I took the photographs when i was there in November and have been working from them since.

An inside that is not normaly visible, a machine gut. A space of process, fragmentation, of passing through, of motion, momentum, extrusion, standardisation, homogeny.


tending to someone else's garden whilst your own becomes tangled and thick with weeds


my life story



Thank you Matt Barnes 

some more photos from Paisley Liberal Club


The whiskey in your soda, the lime to your CoronaShotgun in your Tacoma, the Audrey to your HankShe's got a little style and a Hollywood smileBut believe me, honey, good as money in the bankI'm everything she is and everything she ain't
She sees diamonds but I'm seeing starsYou should leave her on an island, dance with me in this barHoney, there's plenty of fish in the seaBut if you take a second look, you'll see there's only one of me
Jack makes good whiskey, yeahRed dirt makes good ridin' roadsCountry makes good musicFor kickin' up dust in a tail light glow
Dry wood makes good firesGoodyears make good swingsAll that's all good but for me
God makes five foot nine, brown eyes, and a sundressLoves Tim McGraw and a small town accentAin't no way that me and this truck made her fall in loveJack makes good whiskey but God makes the good stuffOh, God makes the good stuff
They say be careful what you wish forI wanted to be her manNow two babies and a trailer later here I amCan't tell me nothin'
Talk is cheapAnd free advice is worth the price you payI have to find out for myself the hard wayCan't tell me nothin'
They say that drinkin' will kill youThe same thing with rollin' smokeBut that's two of the three things that I like mostCan't tell me nothin'
Daddy doesn't pray anymore
I guess he's finished talking to the Lord
He used to fold his hands and bow his head down to the floorBut daddy doesn't pray anymore
I remember even when the times were badHe thanked Jesus for everything he hadFor a good wife and three childrenAnd the food upon our platesYeah, everything was right when he said, grace
What you doin' in this place?(Well, I could probably ask you the same thing)Another round, girl, what you think?(If you're buying, well, you know I'll drink, some, make it 707)Do you want it on the rocks?(A double shot of heaven)Spilling out the topAnd we'll go
Shot, for shot, for shot'Til we forgot what we came here to forgetAin't a clock, a tick, a tock, that's gonna stopA night we won't regretSo put your drink down, throw your camera upFlip it around and snap a payback picture(I'll send it to my ex)I'll send it to my exAnd send them both a text saying"We ain't going home alone tonight"Girl you ain't gotta, I ain't gotta goHome alone tonight
Slow country from a cover band(I got you covered if you don't know how to danceBut if you want we could grab a cab)Girl, we got all night, I got a bottomless tab so let's go

thank you Bhanu ! x