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 Paisley frescoes

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Anna Głowińska. 

Animated film has long been one of the most important arenas where modern art meets cinema. Since the 1920s, animated films have been made by visual artists from the avant-garde cinema circles. The accessibility of new technologies pushed younger generations of visual artists towards animation. Nowadays, shoestring budget productions in the spirit of DIY find their way onto the art market, bypassing screening rooms and distribution networks. The works presented in this section do away with standard feature-centered approaches to filmmaking in order to experiment with form and language.

Curated by: Anna Głowińska

 behind that green fence is the lake! !






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The class/group is broken down by teaching structure (crits,1 on 1 tutorials, exhibitions) into individuals whos inputs are closely guarded resources and outputs are pitted against each other. rarely an instance of group activity.



oedipal as fk

brain imaging scan of a housefly
50 tracks of scorching brum -bruuum chugachugas.  soon dropping in in a cavernous messe built out of smelted down gold teeth, the event horizon of the soul/year near you.
then u take off ur headphones to realise that a week of late night bashin post n pans sfx shouting vroom vroom into a shotgun mic does ur neighbours nut in



custard winded choreography plan
 ned head
 appleby horse fair 2017:

glasgow - london

tobago street/stevenson street shop