Shots from the catalogue photo-shoot earlier.  


The Red Square, attached to structure.  Unsure whether to mount it diagonally or horizontally.
Second small circular panel 30cm Diameter.  Mounted with structure.  Sky blue fading slightly into white.


DGI-Byen conference room moveable walls/divisions on casters.  See website -
www.hvasshannibal.dk for details.


Steel 'Eiffell Tower' Base, Chamfered sides, laminated plywood surface.  
Ellipse Table, Charles Eames. 1958


This is the pine structure that is going to hold the Red Square from the wall

This is the most recent piece - It is a perfect square with sloping sides on the rear.  It's got a very subtle fade from 'Bordeaux' to 'Carmine' (I think all the paint names are class).

This is the large ellipse pictured earlier this month (being primed).  Its the largest surface i have painted and was extremely difficult to get even.  The final finish is the best yet - due to 8 coats of lacquer over two days.  This allowed the first 4 to dissolve into the basecoat and dry to create a gloss - and then a further 4 to sit on top of this and act as a clearcoat. 

I damaged it in the centre by overcorrecting a large scrape mark in the final coats.  It needs to be sanded back in one spot and then blended in.  This may prove to be hard as the mark sits on the middle of the fade.  The fade was done by gradually building up layers of a tinted clearcoat.  

Im unsure as to how this will fit with the others in the group.

This is the final stage in production of a hinged triptych with quite heavy, gold flake paint over matt black.  It has an easel style support and is freestanding.



The first one.  By all accounts It was a beauty.  We've had some really good feedback from lots of different groups, it seemed to go down well.  Starting to pull ideas together to organise next month's.  The format was efficient, so we are working on a different lighting system and new graphics - there has been talk of introducing some live music at some stage.  Looking for people to take photos for the next one. Get in touch if you have any feedback/thoughts or 'owt. 


A big thank you to everyone who helped on the night and in the lead-up.    
Will - Cheers for the photos
Tim and Clark, Tom, Will, Justine and the security.  
Tom and Co. from Off Modern - Thanks for spreading the word.

Hopefully see you all next month - Keep up on the Word of mouth front!


Clear Blue Sky. 


I have planned to install my show in a similar style; All the surfaces will be centralised and facing towards the viewer.


Kosmic Kandy Kolor.  
The Bacon Claret by way of The Candy-Pink, Metal-Flake Mini Cooper.
The Bacon triptych at the Tate - I can remember trying to move around to avoid the glare from the glass so I could see the painting itself.  
I'm trying to get a similar look to the surface I am preparing now, Super-high-gloss reflective lacquer finish- so that the surface itself is obscured by the reflection of the viewer.  I'm also testing how some subtle gradients in the colour can affect how the surface is read.
John McCracken - California Light & Space movement.  Plywood core with Polymer resin and fiberglass coating.  

Super Tan 1000

Joel & Nick put together the lights for Thursday today.  Other than blocking off the ends and building the rig to set them up they are sorted.  They look like a sun-bed.  Here they are linked up to the Pulsar.  The sound seems a bit off in this clip but its actually pretty good.