a submission from lucy beech who thinks hes hiding behind his rucksack because hes embarrased about how many tezzies chock naranjas hes got. but more likely hes hiding in case dawn french is walking from the quiet coach to the paranoia inducing automatic locking cubicle that says ' please dont flush nappies, sanitary towells, your ex's sweater, goldfish or hopes and dreams down this toilet' in a way thats more annoying if the toilet is shitspattered and rancid and not working on a hot train with no aircon and the entire area smells like a cess pit and the train is delayed for ages its not as lol as it probably seemed to the gimp who came up with that.

 a bloke whos name definitely wasnt john gave me this in shoreditch when i was walking to citizen M hotel.  its a drug hotline fyi

 this was in the flat, think it belongs to Lucy beech
i read some of it. it was very interesting

 this is scanned from a book called G1 which is a weird graphic design vernacular book project im not sure where its from, its really of its time, whenever that was

 these are cards that bhanu gave me in a micro ritual

 from bhanu

 this is from the E exctacy and the dance culture book

 I scanned these from a book about glasgow i found in the corridor in student halls for adults in hackney wikid. the captions are mental


i miss surfing the internet

thanks rich for organising this exhibition in Berlin

off to see the queen for a tunnocks

snail empathy

this ones a submission from Mitch Welch on the perpetual highway. keep on truckin' Mitch!
gracias lau

Thank you Bhanu Kapil
also thank you for this

these were fake cops for a bullshit tv program called ''hard cell' (the news stand announcements are also: fake) there was a fake guy handing out fake newspapers and he wouldnt give me one and it really cheesed me off. the real cops were watching in the background and you could tell they were the real cops because thay looked like hipsters