a submission from lucy beech who thinks hes hiding behind his rucksack because hes embarrased about how many tezzies chock naranjas hes got. but more likely hes hiding in case dawn french is walking from the quiet coach to the paranoia inducing auto locking cubicle that says 'please dont flush nappies, sanitary towells, your ex's sweater, goldfish or hopes and dreams down this toilet'

from a man in shoreditch

 this was in the flat, think it belongs to Lucy beech
i read some of it. it was very interesting

 this is scanned from a book called G1 which is a weird graphic design vernacular book project im not sure where its from, its really of its time, whenever that was

these are notes from Bhanu Kapil :

 these are cards that bhanu gave me in a micro ritual

 also from bhanu, an early plan for the performance

 this is from the E exctacy and the dance culture book

 I scanned these from a book about glasgow i found in the corridor in student halls for adults in hackney wikid. i thought the captions were very good

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