In order to explain the photos:

We made a watermelon punch and each guest was invited to help themselves. When they had finished and their mouth was full of pips they were directed to spit the pips through a hole cut in a target. If they scored they won a painting of a cactus each.

James invited Banjo Sam to come down with his oil-can banjo. At 8:00 the crowd was ushered into the space to see Sam sitting on the wall, legs dangling, the moon to his left and the cactus below, the scene that unfolded was something from a school play. Sam sang 3 numbers, the first two on his own and then joined by a trio of wispy birds he finished the performance with "Big Rock Candy Mountain".

*Some decent installation shots will be uploaded soon.



Come along to Ye Olde Middle Town Ferris Wheel this Friday between 6 and 9 at:

The Woodmill
Neckinger Depot
SE16 3QN

James Ferris - Stuart Middleton

There will be space to park your horse.

(Runs until Sunday evening)

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