it was i dunno, about  white people having feelings
"physical protection, but also emotional benefits like dignity and privacy." 


With their beards and plastic glasses they have also been called “hipster c***s”. What do they think about the H word becoming an insult? Gary answers: “People throw it around the way they used ‘hippy’ scornfully in the Seventies. It doesn’t mean anything.”
Politics is something they claim not to be interested in. Gary has never voted — “I’ve not got round to it” — and all Alan will say about Jeremy Corbyn is that “he doesn’t have a very good beard”. 

Gary says: “We have been dragged into a debate we don’t know much about. We are trying to educate ourselves now. But when you do a business plan you don’t think ‘What will people be able to afford in the area?’ We did it for our customers — people who love cereal.” 
They chose Shoreditch, Alan says, because “it is a place where creative ideas work. Hopefully this won’t put other people off starting businesses or starting them in Shoreditch.”


On Monday morning the convicted murderer continued to shout and smash glass panes across the roof, claiming he would stay up there for "40 days and nights". 
But at 3am on Wednesday he surrendered after he was promised a pizza and can of coke.
A cherry picker was dispatched by the fire service to take him down.
Before coming down, he shouted to journalists: "I've proved my point. I've got a 12 inch pizza and a can of coke.
"I've done what I wanted. I've had a mad one."

 the psychotic core of human consciousness, with its endless, helpless need. It's not an easy place to live.

think this is up there with the best things ive ever seen
 Jerk: gisele vienne dennis cooper johnothan capdeville


‘Perhaps they wrapped the stereo in the carpet,’ said Mrs Ransome.


In 2012 the body of a woman migrant was discovered on a beach in northern France.
She was thought to have been attempting to swim the 21-mile stretch of water and was found in a wetsuit, with a compass and energy food bars.
otto dix 
Die Irrsinnige, 1925