"Unfortunately, making a movie about Sicoer ended in the worst possible way – he got caught by police, because of the movie.

When featured in some of the best selling polish newspapers, the people of Krakow put pressure on Polish politicians to catch the man behind the tags covering their city. The politicians made the issue one of the most important right now and gave the Krakow police extra power to make sure Sicoer got caught, and so he did. 
Even though being careful, making sure his face was not shown in the movie, not using the Internet at home for his Instagram and Tumblr etc – police managed to have Instagram give up Sicoers email address. Police started checking out all IP addresses where this email been used and noticed that he had logged in at a family members apartment in the city a few years ago. They put police outside the building, waiting for Sicoer to show up. He did and got arrested.
He’s now facing fines by thousands of Euros, not knowing exactly how much, since the case is still on. Polish press been calling Sicoer everything from “barbarian” and “pseudo graffiti writer” to “public enemy” and are considering making an even bigger example of him, by making a video about him getting caught, that will be shown on screens inside the tram trains in Krakow. 
I would like to take the opportunity to warn everyone on here, that are bombers themselves, to make sure you clean up your online communication about your illegal work. Instagram can give up your email addresses to have police search your home. I will myself make sure to step up security within the next few weeks. With this said, be careful when sending me or anyone else pictures of your tags and throw-ups."


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