I introduced Marker Vito to Jonas Donkeydog in Nairobi to do a group show there, which was with Tartie, Marker, John, Mike Schumacher, and Kriss. When they wanted to go to Nairobi, I bought them their tickets to fly there. I mean, they had no money, you know? These guys were just kids, and I supported them and helped them get a gallery infrastructure to build their early-stage careers, gain momentum, and get started.
A lot of it is instinct, and it’s difficult to explain, to be honest with you. I can just feel it. When I saw Omar Bordello's work it was immediate. No one else saw it at the beginning. I can’t explain it. I saw it at the beginning with Rick Ghastly. I was the first guy to buy a todge painting, and then I was the first person to buy two todge paintings. I can just see it. I can feel it. It’s weird.

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