You come out realising that what you have encountered is irony or commentary or deconstruction of a promiscuously dangerous and pervasive thing called religion. But you come out realising something like this only by virtue of the extended dialogue you've just had with misrepresentation. In the end, I think your lesson is not even a general lesson. It's about how you catch yourself in the act of understanding how you have been produced by misrepresentations - at the same time as being caught up in them. This last idea signals the enormous gulf that separates your work form most explicit critical art practice, in which all the flags of dissent are run up the mast for you. 

MK: Exactly. 

JW: Its about how you yourself have stood or sat before a candle at some point and had a sentimental thought or been caught up in romance or religion or Catholic ritual or whatever it was. 

MK: Such rituals are very attractive; I cannot deny that. I try to keep that level of attraction there. 

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