BL: One advantage of the unrequited in love poetry is that it provides a fictional support for apostrophe — the recipient of address isn’t responding, isn’t there, because of her coldness or superiority, not because she’s been objectified, or because she’s a personified abstraction, or whatever. This book has many moments of address, but their failure to be reciprocal is understood as a limitation of the speaker or his medium, not some attribute of the beloved (perfection, indifference, death)

French, from Late Latin apostrophus, from Greek apostrophos, from apostrepheinto turn away : apo-apo- + strepheinto turn; 

There must be an easer way to do this
I mean without writing, without echoes
Arising from focusing surface, which should
Should have been broken by structures
Hung from the apex in hope of deflecting
In the hope of hearing the deflection of music
As music. There must be a way to speak
At a canted angle of a enabling failures
The little collisions, the path of decay
But before it was used by the blind, it was used
By soldiers who couldn't light their lamps
Without drawing fire from across the lake
Embossed symbols enable us to read
Our orders silently in total dark
In total war, the front is continuous
Night writing, from which descends
Night vision green. What if I made you
Hear this with your hands.

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