In reality, it makes no difference. I got my wish. But Internally I am annoyed that everyone eats this thing that once only my friends and I knew about. Everyone loves pulled pork, and it’s sickening. What gives them the right to appropriate something I loved and make it less special?!
And that’s when I realise: the price the genie was talking about – he granted my wish but took my hipster virginity.
I am now a hipster. Granted, I’m a pulled pork hipster only – I don’t own a fedora but I know it’s a slippery slope. I’m not sure whether because I can suddenly sympathise with the hipster attitude then maybe I should mock them less (nah). More likely, I should actively seek to destroy the hipster inside me. Yes – that’s it, anyone want some microwave pulled pork? I’m off to the shop!

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