Jesse Tadini Rybolt, 26, Musician, Wanker and Carpenter

Berlin has been the new cool place for 20 years now, why still Berlin? What are the best things about it?
The first time I went over there in 2010 was with my band Dogfeet, we had no shows organised and didn't know what to expect. A girl we didn't know let the band and two others (seven people in total) crash on her floor for a week. Within a couple days we'd booked two shows and they paid us considerably more than we've ever been paid in London. Things just seem possible in Berlin. Everyone was interested in what we were doing, both as a band and as individuals. People were so willing to share themselves with us, their ideas, their support, their criticism, but I never once felt like they were trying to exploit or get anything out of us. It was really refreshing.

Why do you want to move?I grew up in London and have lived here most of my life. I'm sick of it.
soz that smoking hash and drinking moet and chandon on primrose hill is too boring for u m8


what ever happened to shame?

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