One scene for the movie 3 days to kill took place in a very exclusive penthouse with a view overlooking Paris and it's Eiffel tower. It's just that there is no such appartment at least not with this exact view and decoration. It's an imaginary appartment built in a studio. Ofcourse one will need a view other than the studio hall when looking out the window of this imaginary appartment. This is where Big Image can help. In this case we printed an outlook 23 x 10 meters in order to create the illusion of a window view. 

Once installed the outlook was backlit to achive a natural looking view of Paris. Normally views like these are printed in one big piece without any joints on Horizon cotton fabric so that they can be backlit without any visable seams. 

The end result was a spectacular view and if you want to see it in action you should watch the movie 3 days to kill. If you're into action and bit of drama with Kevin Costner you will have no trouble at all staying to the grand finale where the outlook is playing it's role with highest marks.

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