After CIA I became city wide, not a king, but an assassin. In that part of my history I was mostly a theologinist, as I, am, today. My letters are now 3-dimensional, so fact is fact. people like DONDI, (which in the book of names means "fun") stopped doing the "burner" once they got into the gallery system. they were more interested in being known for fame. I stuck to what I read in the library and the dictionary Illuminations of the Letter's Chassis, specifics, Weapon Slaving". It's aeronautics and aerodynamics. We must remember the monks of the 10th -- 15th centuries, and why they mechanized our same letters, like on the heading of the Long Island Press newspaper. we had invented nothing it was already there. Our "burners" only finished the job that the monks had started. I was hated by my peers for this knowledge.

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