Admirers of Paul Cézanne know it well, it is here that we feel the presence of the painter with the greatest intensity. He created his shelter there, a place of work and contemplation, from where on sunny days, he painted in "le motif". On rainy days or really cold days, Cezanne stayed in the middle of these familiar objects which became the models of his still life paintings : some pottery, bottles, vases, paper flowers or fabrics, fruits, mainly apples, as well as a some skulls and the little plaster cupid.

Lots of works, kept in renowned museums, such as "Grandes Baigneuses", were painted in this studio of light and silence.

A long shelf is hung on the western wall...

A table, a drawer, a short ladder, a high easel,
a potbellied store, a sofa, a few chairs, the items that posed for his "still life",
are basically the only furniture present in the closed world of Cézanne.
a few locally decorated vases, a ginger jar and an olive pot,
a fruit bowl, a plate, a glass, a bottle of rum, three skulls, a little "plaster cupid" by Francois Dusquenoy are still today the famous models of the painter.

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